What is TeachNVACS?

What is TeachNVACS?


TeachNVACS (Nevada Academic Content Standards) is created by teachers and for teachers and educators in Nevada. Our goal is to support educators as they implement NVACS through a collaborative network that builds upon the great work happening in schools and classrooms. Additionally, TeachNVACS aims to advocate on behalf of educators in their work to ensure all students are career and college ready.


Through TeachNVACS, teachers will have the opportunity to share lesson plans, student work samples, and classroom videos that document and highlight the standards “in action.” TeachNVACS will provide a forum where teachers, principals, coaches, mentors and all educators can problem solve challenges, share successes, ask questions and seek support from their colleagues within the same state and teaching similar standards. It is our belief that collaboration between teachers and educators yields student success.


TeachNVACS aims not only to connect teachers, but bring your voice, perspective, experiences, and support of the standards to policy makers as they develop and regulate legislation that impacts our classrooms and schools. We are the experts in our field! Let TeachNVACS bring that expertise to the forefront of Nevada educational policy.


However, we can’t do this alone! A network requires you! Please support TeachNVACS as we unite educators across Nevada:

  1. Create a twitter account. Follow @TeachNVACS and when you’re ready start posting the great work from your classrooms. Use the #TeachNVACS.
  2. Follow us on Facebook at TeachNVACS.
  3. Check out our blog: teachNVACS.org. Here you’ll find information on the content areas and standards, teacher lesson plans, student work samples, a question and answer forum facilitated by Nevada teachers, up to date information on issues/concerns affecting Nevada teachers and students and most importantly, a platform to engage with, connect, and collaborate with your colleagues.


We can’t WAIT to see what’s happening across classrooms in Nevada!


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